Monday, July 5, 2010

Putting the Best Paw Forward!

Celebrating the Dog!

This week, July 7th, the annual Chilliwack Music ‘n’ More program begins with a celebration of the dog by way of “Pet Parade”. Owners bring down Fido and Fifi (as well as other critters) dressed in all manner of personalities. Some dogs look as excited as ever, others complacent and my favourites - the ones who seem to say, “Why are you doing this to me?” Nevertheless dog owners enjoy their faithful companions, they give them a home, food and water and provide Rover with something to do like “Take my human out for a walk!”

Dogs have been in history for centuries and at the Chilliwack Archives one just has look through the many pictures and one will often find that Dixie is included. Just look at the James Orville Booen collection and the companion dog is shown in portraits, hunting scenes, and downtown. Sometimes they are lying down, sitting down, one ear up, one ear down, with tilted head just waiting for that moment when they are called to play. It reminds me of George Carlin asking “What does a dog do on his day off?”

Then again we still have to remember all those working dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, herding dogs and others. One of my favourite donations to the Chilliwack Museum was a gift of four rubber dog boots, manufactured by the Lewis Dog Boot Company of Enid, Oaklahoma. It was a complete set, four boots with carry bag and receipt indicating that they were purchased by Herb Ling in August 1964. The boots are worn to protect hunting dog's feet “from sand burrs, rocks, and brush or to protect an injured foot or sore pad.” The company remains in business today providing for our faithful friends of the furry kind.

Image: Lewis Dog Boots

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