Friday, August 27, 2010

Chilliwack Council of Women

Caring from 1927 - 1982

The Chilliwack Council of Women, was formed in 1927 on the initiative of the Provincial Council of Women and afilliated to the National Council of Women of Canada established in 1893.

The local council was an umbrella organization of members from different clubs and associations in the area. These first five organizations increased over the years to 42 associated clubs. During the worst years of the Canadian depression there was a low ebb in the activity of the council which was revived again in 1934, when 7 more clubs joined.

The main interests of the Chilliwack Council of Women were in health, citizenship, laws, housing and township planning, community affairs, arts and letters, social welfare, and in later years mass media. The association kept its membership informed about updates in all of these fields. They also canvassed and set up needed facilities for local purposes.

In 1982 the Chilliwack association folded, having felt that many of their goals had been obtained. However, at the same time, the council also recognized that that many professional institutions were pursuing tasks otherwise taken up by the council.

Image: Promotional pinback button donated by the Chilliwack Council of Women

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