Friday, June 7, 2013

How Many Years Ago Was That?


We are constantly looking for material to use and, when found, I always make a copy and place it in the "Gee Whiz" box for future reference. After a while the pages pile up but today I decided to go through them and re-discovered all sorts of treasures. Today's search was especially fine as the announcement of a grand opening was made 79 years ago today on June 7, 1934!

What was it?

Chilliwack's new athletic park and grounds on Young Road, a place for all to gather and spend a fine evening watching and cheering and chatting with others! Chilliwack's big day "June 13, 1934".

Chilliwack Progress, June 7, 1934, page 4
As someone who enjoys puttering about on research projects at home (with the baseball game on) I thought this announcement would be a good one to share. Love the graphics! Check out our Chilliwack baseball video and for added fun the classic baseball comedy from Abbott and Costello!