Thursday, May 6, 2010

Early Chilliwack Druggists: Part One

Grant Jessup

In July 1890 druggist Grant Jessup established his business on Wellington Avenue located in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall. Jessup maintained a stock of commercial medicines and compunded prescriptions. Amongst his stock of patent medicines were the "Great South Kidney Cure" a relief used to treat kidney and bladder diseases and "Agnew's Cure for the Heart". He also carried a stock of "the choicest wines and liquors, for medicinal and sacramental purposes" (Chilliwack Progress, August 4, 1892, page 4)

In December 1894 a fire destroyed Jessup's business and all of his stock and furnishings were lost. Jessup soon relocated to Vancouver Island working for a local Nanaimo druggist. However, by October 1904 he was re-established in Ladysmith as proprietor of the Ladysmith Pharmacy.

His surname has also been seen as Jessop. A search of the BC Archives Vital Events database reveals that Richard Grant Jessop died at Ladysmith April 26, 1924. He was 52 years of age.

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