Friday, May 14, 2010

Early Chilliwack Druggists: Part Three

Barber and Henderson

In May 1902 the Chilliwack branch of the Nelson Drug and Book Store was acquired by Mr. H.J. Barber and Dr. J.C. Henderson.

Harry James Barber was educated at the Ontario School of Pharmacy in Toronto, Ontario. Upon graduation he moved to Selkirk, Manitoba where he worked as a druggist for one year. Barber then moved to Chilliwack and added to his valuable work experience by working for the Nelson Drug Store.

Barber’s business partner was Dr. John Cotter Henderson who received his medical degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Henderson came to Chilliwack in 1886 and for many years was the medical health officer for the municipality.

The Barber and Henderson firm continued to sell many of the same items as its predecessor. They also operated their own lending library, sold stationery, seeds and gift items. Often their newspaper advertisements featured specific name brand remedies, tonics and medicines. Soon such brands as Celery and Burdock, White Embrocation, Sovereign Sarsaparilla, Best West India Lime Juice and Laxative Fruit Syrup appear, ranging in price between 25 cents to $1.00 per bottle.

The Barber and Henderson firm produced its own clear glass, embossed medicine bottle of which the Chilliwack Museum has one example. It would be intersting to learn if the Barber and Henderson bottle was produced in a variety of sizes.

In January 1906 the partnership of Barber & Henderson was dissolved and H.J. Barber became the sole proprietor.

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