Monday, May 10, 2010

Early Chilliwack Druggists: Part Two

The Nelson Drug and Book Store

After the Jessup fire in December 1894 two druggists moved into the area. John S. Glover, a prescription druggist and dental surgeon, leased space in Chilliwack for his store called “The Pharmacy”. Although a few advertisements were placed in the local newspaper it does not appear that Glover actually opened his business venture. No other details are currently known.

An experienced Vancouver druggist, Charles Nelson, opened a store in Chilliwack similar to his City Drug Store within a week of Glover’s entereprise. The Chilliwack business, known as "Nelson's Drug Store," was first located opposite the Chilliwack Progress newspaper building on Yale Road East and later relocated to the Masonic Block at the corner of Wellington and Young. Like Jessup he sold many of the same patent medicines offering Dr. Agnew's Catarrh Powder, Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart, the Great South American Kidney Cure and the South American Rheumatic Cure.

By September 1895 the business was renamed the Nelson Drug and Book Store as it better represented the store’s many products. Over time Nelson’s developed several new markets and published a seed catalogue and provided area farmers and fruit growers with sprays, washes and insecticides. Nelson also brought in recreational gear and by 1896 was selling fishing tackle, baseball and cricket goods, croquet sets and hammocks.

In February 1897 "The Nelson Drug Store Company Limited" was formed and it was during the summer of 1897, that they introduced Nelson Lime Fruit Juice and Joy's Root Beer. In September 1898 Harry J. Barber was hired as manager and by May 1902 the Nelson Drug and Book Store was acquired by Mr. Barber and Dr. J.C. Henderson.

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